Best Tax Attorney in Dallas, Texas

Unfavorable IRS assessments can cost your business a lot of money in additional taxes. Also, simple and innocent mistakes can result in major liabilities in interest, back taxes and penalties. Agents from IRS have an excellent knowledge of the tax law and they may fix you to a corner if you deal with them all on your own. However, with an experienced tax attorney backing you, you can fight questionable tax assessment and resolve unfair back tax liability.

At Scammahorn Law Firm, PC serving Dallas, Texas, they will help you navigate the complex U.S Tax Court procedures. They have a tax law firm fully dedicated to helping clients in Dallas with IRS tax issues. The department has very experienced lawyers who have successively practiced before the U.S Tax Court.

Most tax issues are a result of an audit of your past tax returns. When you receive a notification of an imminent audit from IRS, make haste and call us. We will communicate with IRS on your behalf, be there throughout the audit and help you negotiate for a fair settlement and also represent you in court if the case ends up in the U.S. Tax Court.

Therefore, if you are facing any IRS disputes call us today for a free consultation.