Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

There are many categories of auto accidents which include car accident claims, car accidents and insurance issues, fault and liability, car accidents and pedestrians and car accident injuries. Therefore, involvement in a car accident in California requires that the victim has a good lawyer so that they can get the compensation they need.

Steven J. Horn has been a lawyer since 1982 and has his own law firm which he established in April 1987, which makes him very experienced and knowledgeable. The Law Offices of Steven J. Horn will help you get through the difficult time your car accident has brought upon you. Whether you are dealing with a drunk driver, an uninsured or underinsured driver or any other traffic offender this firm can help you. It is important to contact The Law Offices of Steven J. Horn as soon as you have had a car accident due to another driver’s negligence so that it will not be a hard process getting the compensation you are entitled to according to the law.