Kestenbaum Law Group Handles Theft Cases


Theft is the wrongful accumulation of another person’s property by way of taking or carrying it away with an aim of depriving that person of the property in a permanent manner. Every one of the elements within this definition has to take place for theft to happen. Theft happens to be a moral turpitude crime that can totally hinder your ability to secure a job or even a place to live in.


Being a suspect for stealing can be quite devastating hence, in a case where you will face such charges, you need to take the step of retaining a qualified attorney without wasting time. With certain cases, a lawyer will have the ability to bargain for civil compensation in order to avoid the criminal charges. With civil negotiations underway, there are prosecutors who won’t pursue the charge.

Kestenbaum Law Group

Kestenbaum Law Group has attorneys who quite are skilled in dealing with criminal defense lawsuits within Los Angeles, CA. It is their practice to avoid prosecution whenever possible. Where not possible, they assist you to avoid jail provided that you hired them early enough within the process.