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It is not always an easy thing when parents discover that they are too different from each other hence the only remaining option is to separate or get divorced. However, one more thing that is, even more, difficult for the parents to face is the establishment of the child’s custody as well as arrangements for visitation. The court’s decision regarding child custody will at all times be based on the best interest of the child. There are various factors considered while determining a child’s best interest.

In most cases, when CPS investigations involve abuse and negligence accusations, It may be within the child’s best interest that custody is awarded to grant parents or close family members rather than to outsiders. Lawyers at the Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates are experienced and may assist you in any family law or divorce law in Sacramento. They can totally analyze the situation and advise you with regard to your rights if you are seeking the custody of a child, or you want to formally adopt one.